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Electrical Motors/Turbines

Dry ice cleaning removes build up on electrical components on all types of electrical equipment.

Applications include windings on generators, electric equipment motors, high voltage insulators and even circuit boards without damaging the delicate components.

Production Equipment

Dry ice blasting is used to clean tooling, machinery, ovens, foundry equipment and printing equipment.

Applications include printing presses, core boxes, robotic welding stations, heat exchangers, sanding belts, conveyor systems, piping systems and dryers.  All without damage and downtime!

Molds and Fixtures

Dry ice is used for cleaning molds and fixtures saving companies downtime and downtime costs.

Applications in mold cleaning include plastic molds, rubber molds, tire molds, wheel molds and many more.  Cooling is not usually required, no residues remain and mold wear is minimal, if any.

Food Processing/Packaging

Dry ice cleaning is used extensively in the food industry, especially in areas where water can not be used.

Applications include removal of baked on residues from ovens, uncooked product from mixing equipment, paper dust from packaging lines as well as glue from glue heads.

dry ice blasting surface preparation

Industries using dry ice blasting technology




Contract Cleaning

Disaster Recovery


Engineered Wood Products


Food Manufacturing & Facilities

Hazardous Materials Minimization

General Maintenance

Motor/Generator Cleaning

Mold Cleaning


Nuclear Decontamination

Plastics Manufacturing



Printing Facilities


Rubber Manufacturing

Tire Manufacturing

Service Contractors

Wheel Manufacturing

Utility Companies

Fire Restoration

Dry ice blasting can be used to remove soot, smoke damage and mold.

Applications include cleaning fire damaged steel frames, soot and smoke from concrete and wood structures and at low pressure even fabrics.

conveyor before and after dry ice blast cleaning
motor before dry ice blast cleaning motor after dry ice blast cleaning